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Why Taking A Luxury Tour To Peru Should Be A Must-Do For Everybody

The whole idea behind going away somewhere is discovery, learning, exploring, letting loose and having fun. It may be a private trip, one taken with a group of loved ones or colleagues or a honeymoon. Whatever the case, if Peru is the destination, Aracari luxury travel to Peru is the best way to go and accumulate a treasure of beautiful memories and experiences.

With its hospitable people, many attractions, untouched culture and heritage and geological diversity, Peru has grown into a top destination for tourists. More than a unique location is needed to make a success trip though and that is a knowledgeable and organized tour operator.

Another standard that has been set for tour operators is that they practice ethical business. This means playing a part in preserving the culture and heritage of the locations they take visitors to. It also means going for green or ecologically sound options as much as possible for instance in getting tourists around and accommodation choices.

A trip to Peru is a trip into so many varied experiences and encounters. In terms of activities, there is the option to trek through breathtaking scenery, long drives into the villages and other areas where the culture is untouched and just lounging to take in all the sights and sounds. There is also a choice of accommodation from five star hotels and resorts, eco-friendly lodgings and historic buildings that have been converted to rooms that reflect ancient Peruvian culture.

Itinerary choices are just as varied to suit every kind of traveler. For example, one can choose a plan where they tour the best spots of Lima, Urubamba Valley, Cusco and Machu Picchu in one week. Items on the list can be personalized for a couple or group for instance to include a helicopter tour apart from the typical tours of villages, markets and archaeological sites such as ruins.

It is important for guests to be able to communicate without a problem and this is seen to by having tour guides who understand and speak English. They meet guests and welcome them at the airport and they attend to their needs during their stay. Most guests are happy to learn some words from the native language.

An important part of the culture of a place is its cuisine. Guests get to try different indigenous dishes along the way. Meals compromise of samples of Peruvian dishes which are served alongside the best of international cuisine such as seafood dishes. These are offered at the best hotels and selected eateries as well as privately owned estates like the exclusive Hacienda Huayo Ccari owned by a Cuzco family. Cookery demonstrations are given in gardens while guests enjoy cocktails.

Keepsakes to take back home are a must and guests have plenty to choose from in Peru. There are the colorful textiles the natives weave, native clothing and costumes, local shoes, jewelry, curios and all kinds of handcrafts.

To choose Aracari luxury travel to Peru is to choose one the best tour guides of the area with a sterling reputation and more than 15 years of experience. Over the years, guests have happily come and gone, leaving Peru with beautiful memories and a firm decision to return for a repeat of the experience.

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