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Window Treatments Can Alter The Mood Of Your Rooms

The mood of any room is the combined results of many variables, some of which are easier to alter than others. Window shades and blinds lend themselves quite nicely to altering the look and feel of a room at an affordable price and with surprisingly little effort.

Color is the most basic and fundamental creator of mood within a room. Walls, upholstery, curtains, flooring, and accent pieces all work together to create a mood or style within each room of your home. Using the wide selection of materials, colors, and styles of window shades, blinds, and shutters that are available today, you can alter the mood of your rooms in quite astounding ways.

Materials Make A Significant Difference

The materials within your room make a significant difference in the look and feel of the space. Heavy wooden furnishings, wood blinds, and iron accent pieces all work together to create a rustic, substantial feeling of comfort and security for your den, living room, or library. Bright, colorful plastics, vinyls, and cloth window shades create a cheery, upbeat mood that is ideal for children’s playrooms and nurseries.

Window shades, blinds, and shutters are now available in so many different materials that it is easy to use them to create a new mood in any room of your home. Wood, plastic, vinyl, aluminum, and cloth block the light from coming into your room, and to frame the sunlight as it enters. Each material brings with it a unique feel that has a significant impact on the mood of your rooms.

Room Colors

Rooms of many colors are far more active and energizing than rooms decorated in different shades of the same color. You can use window shades of muted earth tones to create a calming, restful mood, whereas stark black and white metal window blinds will create a high tech, efficient mood indicative of power, skill, and prestige. Whimsical twigs and colorful straps can turn your everyday windows into a fairyland fantasy, while deep blue window blinds can bring the darkness of night into even the most brightly lit room.

Primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, tend to be upbeat and energizing, while the earth tones of brown, beige, green, and gray are more calming and restful. You can use color to create a historical period with the burgundy reds and deep browns of the Spanish Armada, the pastel greens and blues of Victorian England, or the avocado greens and shag rug oranges of the 1970’s. The choices are practically limitless.

Find The Style That Best Fits You

The mood of your home is a reflection of you and your family. You can use window treatments and home decorating techniques to create something uniquely your own. Families that are traditional, steady, and reliable tend toward room decor that is subdued, slightly elegant, and only moderately decorated. Rambunctious sports fans are more likely to create rooms with decor that is exciting, a little chaotic, and more colorful.

There is no mood or decor that is wrong. You and your family will simply enjoy your home more if it is a closer reflection of who you are. Window treatments and an awareness of the effect of colors and materials can help you to create rooms that reflect the mood of your family, all at an affordable price.

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