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WordPress Video Tutorial – Do It Right The First Time

If you are reading this article then you have probably taken a look at WordPress and you are a tad confused on just how to use it and you could really use a solid WordPress video tutorial. Maybe you have tried to install it and not had much luck. Or you have got it installed but are overwhelmed with the number of options available. But mostly you are probably afraid that you are not taking advantage of the features that are right for you and you are horribly frustrated that you do not have a single source to go to for answers.

Well when it comes down to it, every question you could conceivably have regarding anything about WordPress is available free on the internet. The only problem is you had have to search through hundreds of links to find all the info you want and there is no guarantee that what you find is current or accurate.

Learning how to use WordPress can be a bit like learning how to swim. You can jump into a pool that is over your head and just let Mother Nature take her course, meaning you either drown or figure out how to dog paddle, or you can go to the YMCA and get lessons which will not only teach you how to swim correctly but avoid the sheer panic of the natural method. Which one would you be comfortable with?

Let us just say for a moment that you do not want to pay the YMCA and you will take your chances in the pool and leave it up to Mother Nature. Well if that is the way you feel, go visit and search for WordPress. You will be overwhelmed with the number of WordPress videos.

Then start watching a few. Are they professionally produced, well organized, is the narrator knowledgeable, can you even understand the narrator, and most importantly did you learn anything. Maybe now you are beginning to realize the difference between teaching and telling. Teaching is a professional skill set. Simply telling someone how to do something is not.

If you really need a demonstration, look up the free video tutorials. For starters they typically are not entirely free as they want you to buy something from them, usually WordPress themes. But play a couple of modules. Then ask the tell tale question, Would you want your kid being taught by this guy? Nine time out of ten it will be some guy just winging it because he is done it a hundred times. He will speak too fast and he will not be fully organized. If your kid could not learn from him, how can you?

Acquiring a professional WordPress video tutorial will make your website efforts so much easier. The really good tutorials, the ones with professional teachers, are not free but they are not expensive either. If you value your time, if you hate having to go back and fix mistakes, if you have a low frustration threshold then you most definitely should consider a solid WordPress video tutorial.

If you want to learn how to use WordPress step by step, simply click on the link and watch this 95 min WordPress video tutorial. It’s free but truly amazing. Click on the link now!