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Write an Article Bring 1000 People to Your Site for Nothing

You can get thousands of targeted visitors to your site without spending 1 dime on advertising. The method is extremely effective, easy to do and can get visitors to your site almost immediately.

Sounds to good to be true but it isn’t. The best part of this internet marketing method is that your visitors will be targeted and extremely prepared to take action such as making a purchase or clicking an ad.

The internet marketing method is called Article Submission. Using the article submission technique you can get your web site listed on thousands of web sites almost immediately. The best part of all is that you don’t have to pay to put your article on these sites or even provide a reciprocal link. You can write the most targeted ad of your life without limits on the length or the content.

To get the most out of article submission you need to develop a strong signature line. Your signature line will contain the link to your web site. If you write an excellent article your signature line will be read and it will be clicked on.

A signature line can not be a blatant classified ad. Instead it must be a useful reference. Such as the following:

Charity Adams has been an Internet Entrepreneur for more than 8 years. To learn more about Search Engine Optimization and receive a Free Ebook on Search Engine Marketing visit Charity’s site at A url to your target site would go here.
When writing your articles make them keyword specific. The article directories you will be submitting your article to are being actively indexed by the major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and many more. A keyword rich article has a chance of getting ranked in the search engines in turn exposing your web site link to thousands more than just those visiting the article directory.

Writing a good article with re print rights also gives you the opportunity to be published on hundreds of other topic specific sites. The rule for reprint is that if a web site uses your article they must include your signature line.

Make article writing and article submission a daily part of your routine. The more articles you write the more free exposure your web site will get. Internet Marketing is all about getting targeted traffic to your site. Article writing and Article Submission will be a major part of your traffic if you are diligent at writing and submitting quality articles.

Charity Adams, CEO Mom is has been a successful Internet Entrepreneur. Visit writing for more information and a free list of the top 102 article submission sites and announcement lists.