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Yesterday I Read A Book. Yikes!

Yes, I admit it. I did.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am an internet marketer. I spend hours and hours in front of my computer, answering questions from my customers, working with prospects, improving my offering. I personally take calls from my customers and I react to ensure that their needs are met. I work hard to squeeze every dollar out of my website, both for me and for my affiliates.

But yesterday I read a book.

Nope, it wasn’t a book on marketing, or persuasion, or Google.
Nope, it wasn’t an e-book on web design or the latest tools to create nifty buttons.
It was a real, honest-to-goodness, paperback novel.

I didn’t learn a thing about how to increase my conversions or attract more people to my website. What the heck was I thinking?!

I’m a small business owner. If I don’t work, I don’t eat. Every bit of revenue that comes in the door is directly related to the time I spend working, thinking, planning, building…

And yet, yesterday I read a novel. I must be mad as a hatter! Crazy as a loon! Just plain nutz!

There I was, a gorgeous day in the San Francisco Bay Area. I live in a nicely landscaped home in the hills overlooking the bay. But I almost never overlook the bay these days. There’s too much to do!

Just like you, I have competitors doing things to undermine my efforts. You know what it’s like to have a huge target market that needs constant attention. I’m sure you understand the frustration of having technology to implement that will automate things and make it easier for your customers to buy. Do you have affiliates like mine with really cool suggestions about how to promote your site? Of course building those promotions and implementing the great suggestions takes time. There are notes to write, emails to answer, banners to create, and yes articles to write.

With all that over my head, how could I stretch out on a chaise lounge with a large jug of sun tea brewing, and read a book?

A better question is – why didn’t I do it before now?

In fact, why aren’t you reading a book right now? Have you seen how much your kids have grown? When was the last time you (without grimacing) took your teenagers to the mall, and actually got involved in their purchases? Have you read to your toddler today? What about that special project your kid is working on for school – do you even know about it?

I’m a charter member of the Type A, Workaholic Society (memberships available, but you have to work hard to get one) and I routinely burn the candle at both ends. I get up early and I stay up late. No email goes unresponded to, no request is ignored. I love my business. It’s quite satisfying.

But hey – so is reading a good book.

So take some time today and look your kid in the eye with a big smile. Kiss your spouse and say “I love you”. Remember, the email will be there tomorrow, but your kids will move out. For that matter, so will your spouse if you remain glued to your desk.

Take a breath, read a book, play with the kids, call your mom. When you get back to your desk, you’ll be more effective, have better ideas, and you’ll feel better about life.

I would go on, but it’s another beautiful day, so I’m going outside. You should too.

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