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You Should Pay Attention to Some of the Physical Abnormalities

In general, the bog problems are from small problems. Therefore, some exceptions of the body should be caught attention by us. However, what are the symptoms of the body should arouse our attention?

First, the voice is hoarse. Normal circumstances: it is caused by talking too much or pronunciation errors, or short-term use of voice improperly. You should drink plenty of water to moisten the throat, and rest for a few days. And the Unusual circumstances: if it is prolonged hoarseness or suddenly hoarse, it may be caused by long-term loudly shouted, long time smoking and drinking. This time, you should pay attention that maybe the vocal cords have been serious lesions, to be alert to the occurrence of laryngeal cancer. In the early stages of laryngeal cancer, only the vocal cord thickening or ligament involvement so that causing vocal cord vibration anomalies, corresponding to different levels of hoarse symptoms. This period is precisely the best time of treatment, so that will not lose the voice.

Second, you often have oral ulcers. The normal situation is that in the mouth, there are white spots of oral swelling, pain; it often means that there is infection near by the white spots. It is also possible that your bodies lacks vitamin C, or are allergic to certain foods. At this time, the ulcers usually self heal, or you can go to the pharmacy to ask the consultant for recommending a point of non-prescription drugs. However, the exception is that if there is soft tissue or tongue mass inside the mouth, you should pay attention to oral cancer. In particular, you have to watch out the area of expanding oral ulcers, and especially when they are gradually transformed into a white block. Once found, you should go to the hospital for treatment as early as possible.

Third, it is bleeding gums. The normal situation is that when you brush your teeth and appear bleeding gums, it is likely that your gums have some problems, or you have gingivitis. Bleeding gums indicate that there is too much dental plaque around teeth, leading to inflammation of the gums. Although it is a small problem, you do not ignore it and you can go to the hospital. The anomalies: Severe gingivitis is usually related to more types of dental. Root inflammation is one of which, but timely treatment will solve. Inflammation of the gums will release the bacteria, and these bacteria into the blood will be transported to other organs. If your gums are often a lot of blood, you must not neglect and go to hospital for treatment.

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