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You Won’t Believe What Hiring Managers Say About YOU!

What’s that hiring manager thinking about you? The nerve-wracking part of your job campaign revolves around wondering what happened as a result of your interview. The nail-biting pressure can get intense if you’re under pressure to find a job.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the biggest complaint coming from hiring managers is: job candidates fail to follow up! In other words while you’re obsessing about what an employer is thinking about you, he/she is wondering why they never heard from you again!

Here’s the unbreakable rule of job search success: FOLLOW UP!

First, you want the opportunity to confirm the key points and benefits you brought to the table during the interview. Remember, the managers you’re talking to have other business on their plates besides sitting around and wondering about you. If you fail to bring your credentials to their attention, you just lost!

Secondly, professional follow through will be interpreted as a sign of how you work. The expectation within management is that you will follow up. You want to send the message that you’re a serious candidate as well as reinforce your commitment to make a difference in some specific ways (which you then list).

Over the years I have heard from countless managers how many opportunities were lost because they forgot about the candidate in the midst of other more pressing needs. And since the candidate never took the initiative to get back in touch . . . well, out of sight, out of mind.

Being in tune with hiring manager’s thinking and needs is extremely important in an alternative job search system. In fact, it’s the starting point of any intelligent job search–not the resume. Fortunately, there’s a proven system that can get you up to speed in hours. And can have you talking face-to-face with your next boss in a matter of days! Check it out.

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