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Your Essential Honeymoon Checklist

Plane tickets? Check. Swim trunks? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Trying to remember all the necessities before the honeymoon amidst last-minute wedding preparations can be challenging and stressful, but most of us manage most of it just fine.

But on the other hand, we sometimes forget that this is more than a vacation; it is an essential opportunity to bond with your new spouse, in part through positive sexual experiences. And if all you pack to make that happen is some basic lubricant and perhaps a few condoms, you and your husband or wife may be disappointed when it concludes.

So what should you be bringing to enhance your sexual encounters? The ultimate answer will depend upon what you and your intended decide, but I can at least provide some general guidelines to keep in mind as you pack.

A healthy, happy YOU is the best thing you can bring along on this adventure! It is wise to have a checkup with your primary care physician to make sure all is well and to adjust any medications that may be making you feel lethargic and/or are putting a damper on your sex drive. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for advice–that’s what they’re there for.

Make every effort not to be disagreeable during your getaway. That may be difficult, as there may be tension remaining after the stress of the wedding, but most issues can wait to be addressed until after you have relaxed a little. Do your best to communicate in a sweet and loving manner both in and out of bed–trust me, that will take you far.

Massage oil in both scented and unscented varieties is a great facilitator for both emotional and physical intimacy. Take the time to teach each other how you like to be touched through sensual massage.

This is the perfect time for you and your lover to experiment with new lubricants, toys, or supplements. For example, many desensitizing gels and creams are effective, allowing you (or your new husband) to last longer during each sack session. However, keep in mind that these may also desensitize the woman as well, so they are best used inside a condom.

Chances are, women will have been gifted plenty of lingerie as the bridal shower, but this is a time of luxury for both of you, so be sure to pack robes and comfortable pajamas, along with favorite hygiene products, like bubble bath or bath salts.

Try to pack early so that you don’t have to throw things together a few days before. Then you can kick back and relax–together. ( offers the best male enhancement supplements.