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Your Home’s Energy Savings

When you were searching for your first apartment, did you spend most of your time looking for an all-inclusive bargain? But, not many apartments come with utilities included. The reason most renters want the apartment that includes heat and hot water is the comfort of not having to worry about the usage of the pricier inclusions in your energy expenses.

However, once you’re ready to leave the renting industry and approach owning your first home, you might be concerned about the energy costs. This is a valid concern, which is why there are companies available to help make your home more affordable: When your home is more affordable, you become more comfortable.

Getting Started on your Home Energy Upgrade

Here’s the best tip to push you on your way toward comfortable living: Schedule an appointment for your home’s energy audit today!

A home energy audit is a simple way to diagnose the areas in your home that, with a few tweaks and updates, could be saving you a whole lot of money. Sounds good, right? You might have some questions, so here’s some information that may provide you with the answers you seek!

Let’s start with the basics. A home energy audit is performed by a professionally trained and certified energy specialist. This expert will perform various tests around your home to define where your home is losing energy and where some updates and changes could be most beneficial.

As previously discussed, the heat and hot water can be the most expensive aspects of an energy bill. In fact, 43% of most homeowners’ energy bill is devoted to heating and cooling expenses, followed by 12% energy going toward water heating. The apartment renter looking for heat and hot water included is quite the smart shopper!

Your Home Energy Evaluation

The best home energy audit will be set up to complete a full sweep over your home because these professionals have learned how each part of your home affects another. Therefore, fixing one thing may not solve your problem with your energy bill.

Most likely, your energy saving expert will focus on heating and cooling because as we’ve learned, this takes up just about half of most home energy costs. Your audit may suggest some upgrades on your air sealing, insulation, radiant barrier, duct sealing, HVAC system, windows, and doors. Seem a bit extensive? That’s what it takes to be quality proficient, and to ensure your home’s energy efficiency is being upgraded to the greatest value. To be honest, these quick fixes are well worth it, they prevent you from overspending on your energy bill and from seeking out other resources that won’t do the job!

Once your home has been evaluated and you’ve been provided knowledge about new ways to save on your next bill, the next step is advice implementation! Your home energy expert will walk you through your home’s analysis and provide the best options to bring your home’s energy efficiency up to speed.

For all the best energy saving tips, and to schedule your home energy audit, contact Dr. Energy Saver today to find an expert near your home! Begin your energy savings today!