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Your Must-Know Guide to Surgical Technician Careers

Surgical technologists are also referred to as scrubs. They assist with surgeries under the guidance of surgeons, registered nurses or other surgical personnel. Surgical technicians therefore form a part of operating room teams. Surgeons are usually given the recognition for surgeries; however, surgeons are assisted by a team of which surgical technologists are a part. Hence, the assiduousness and skill of a surgical technologist affects the outcome of a surgery. Since whatever happens in the operating room can be life threatening, the value of a surgical technologist must not be underrated.

Surgical technologists assist with the preparation of the operating room by assembling and organizing surgical tools and sterile solutions. They not only set out the equipment for use, but they ensure that they are in proper working condition.

Other than the preparation of tools, technologists also prepare patients by cleansing and shaving them as well as sterilizing incision areas. They move patients to the operating room and aid with situating them. They also, check for patients’ vital signs and help with putting on gowns and gloves on the surgical team. When an operation is completed, the surgical technologist may assist with moving the patient to the recovery room and sanitize and replenish the operating room.

If this seems like a job that you could handle, then this career field may be right for you. It offers an attractive salary with minimal training. It is also a growing field so the employment prospects are high. Also, with a career as a surgical technologist, the opportunity to expand ones role and grow professionally is advantageous. Persons who have decided to advance their career with additional specialized education or training are able to work as surgical first assistant.

Surgical fist assistants help to control blood flow and avert patients from hemorrhaging. They also assist the surgeon to perform a successful operation. They interview patients before surgery and get them ready for the surgery by assisting with anesthesia. Surgical first assistants are also expected to take sterile instruments from packaging during operations as needed and track surgical procedures.

The work environment of surgical technologists is clean and sterile, well lit with cool temperatures. As some surgeries will last for hours at a time, they are expected to stand for long periods. They must also have the ability to stay alert and sharp during these operations. An unpleasant aspect of the job includes the exposure to communicable diseases and sights and smells which to some, may be deemed as repulsive.

The job outlook for surgical technicians seems promising. Jobs are expected to increase by 25% between now and 2018 as the amount of surgeries increase. This is due to the growth of the population along with the aging population.

Hospitals will maintain the position of being the main employer of surgical technologists since they lower expenses by replacing nurses in the operating room. Nevertheless, it is still expected that the increase of surgical technicians in physicians’ offices and outpatient centers will be on the rise since they offer better salary opportunities.

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